Saturday, September 15, 2012

HIM IS BACK Strange World is amazing and HIM did a great job again

HIM IS BACK! Strange World is amazing and ‘Strange World’ is a good cover. It’s always like this when a new song comes out and they never disappoint, there’s a reason why they’re my favorite band. The song is beautiful and so reminiscent of their old sound that I am beyond happy right now. Even though the song is out, please please buy the single when it comes out and support the band through their album and shows!!!

HIM did a great job again. I can’t wait for this album. Release date for XX - Two Decades of Love Metal is Oct 26 in Finland. it sounds like something from ‘Venus Doom’ and i really like it, because VD is freaking amazing. The new single by Finnish rock band HIM won’t be released digitally until September 21, but it’s already hit the internet. The song, a cover of the 1995 smash hit “Strange World” by Kevin Grivois, stage name Ké, can be found below. It will be featured on HIM’s upcoming compilation album XX - Two Decades of Love Metal, which is to be released October 29.

Singer Ville Valo took to the band’s Facebook page to speak on both the compilation album and their upcoming ninth album.

    “As some of you might’ve noticed, we’ll be releasing a compilation album ‘XX - Two Decades Of Love Metal’ in October 2012, and will end the year by shaking our hips for four nights in a row at the infamous HELLDONE-festival at Tavastia Club in Helsinki.

    We’re also entering the studio in early September with the producer Hiili Hiilesmaa to work on our ninth full-length album, entitled ‘Tears On Tape’, to be mixed by Tim Palmer and released early 2013….

According to the website HIM is celebrating its " 2 decades of great music on the road"  entitled ( XX - Two Decades of Love Metal), composed by all great success  of the band and a New song called : " Strange World". The release date for the single "Strange World" seems to be at 26th October and also the return of Helldone Festival with it. New album with new  original songs is comming out late 2013 namely Winter.

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