Sunday, February 12, 2012

Heartagram day 2012 and history of the heartagram day

Happy Heartagram day for you all fans of HIM! as you know, Heartagram day is a day to just simply promote and show your love and detication to HIM. The ones who decide to celebrate could do it any way they please. 
Heartagram Day was first invented to celebrate the life of one HIM fan that died much too young, but then Warner/Sire records decided to capitalize on it and they just “accidentally” failed to even mention the fan’s name or acknowledge their existence.

Whilst I agree the ‘real’ reason should be acknowledged I definitely think it shouldn’t be boycotted just because of that. It’s also a day where HIM fans can come together and reminisce, listen to the band, tell their friends and enlighten new fans and just have a happy day to celebrate such an incredible band. The band themselves say that it is a great thing for any band to achieve, one day dedicated to them… and I wish you to celebrate it properly with a lot of music and memories caused by the band during the years...and let's hope for a new album very very soon.

Good news : Kerrang Magazine have taken phone interview with Ville Valo which will be published next week! It will inform us for the things that have happened to the band by now and those who are up to happen.
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greysan said...

thank for information, anyway happy heartagram day forr all fans of HIM

preacher said...

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Anonymous said...

I <3 H.I.M.!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

what s name (was) of that fan ?

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