Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Gas Lipstick has had some medical problems

A few days ago I tried to quote, several interviews with Ville Valo, HIM the new album had a little disturbed, because Gas lipsticks experienced some medical problems. 

Ville Valo say :  "Well, you know, we haven’t been touring. So I think in this day of oversaturation, through the internet and all that, we’re able to maintain a bit of the mythical old-school rock-and-roll aspect, because we’re so very far away.

But we’ve had some problems with Gas Lipstick, (HIM’s drummer). Gas has had some medical problems. He’s got nerve damage, they found out. A condition similar to shin splints, but in his arms, both of his arms. It came to light about three months ago. We haven’t been able to do anything since that.

You never know, us, lonely fellows, you know, touring in the lonely tour buses… It might be that it’s not just music related. Our wrists are fucked. It’s been a tad confusing but it’s not negative all around. We’ve had good sit-downs. We sat down, like, in the wee hours of the morning [a few nights ago] just to discuss what we’re gonna do, and, because it seems that the first time he’s able to really give it a go is in December, we’ve just got to wait.

But basically what happened to Gas’ arm is, I was saying, “I need to be the hottest!” and he said “Sure, I’ll try my best.” And he gave me a call that “I’ve got some nerve damage because of your hotness.” So that’s what happened, I guess."

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