Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Ville valo Tattoos basic inspiration

Some people who have tattoos must have inspired when they make a tattoo, is no exception Ville Valo when he makes a tattoos. What inspiration?, let's see

Ville valo said: “Basically the sleeve and the heart are separate things, but the rest of the stuff has something to do with our album sleeves. On the back of ‘Love Metal’ there’s a thing with two snakes and another heartagram at the top of it and I’m thinking of doing that on my whole back but it takes a long time so I’m trying to sort out my schedule to get to Amsterdam. Then I want to do one more on my stomach saying ‘In Vino Veritas’ which is Latin for ‘In Wine, There’s The Truth’. It’s a great place to get one too because as I’m drinking it’ll get bigger! I’ll have this big big beer belly with ‘In Wine, There’s The Truth’ written on it. That’s my next plan. Bam’s got a really good new one too actually, on his side. It’s heartagrams again with ornaments going up all the way from his hip to nearly his armpit. It’s pretty cool. He copied the stomach one from me so it might be that I’m going to copy that one. We’ll swap tattoos until the end!”

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