Sunday, November 20, 2011

I think Screamworks is the best albums of HIM

 I love Screamworks, and mostly because it's a different to their other record album. If you hear to HIM's albums you'll see that they all have a different sound. There are a few melodies in all of them that identify those songs/albums as being ones that were written by Ville valo and performed by HIM but that's all. Yes Screamworks is different to Venus Doom, which was very different to Dark Light, which in turn was different to Deep Shadows, which was different to Love Metal, which was different to Razorblade Romance, which was different to Greatest Love SongVol666. Ville and HIM have consistently given us varied albums over the years and Screamworks is following that on. Lyrically I think that Screamworks is one of the best albums to be released in the last 5 years, nobody can write a melancholy lyric like Ville can. Elsewhere on this site HIM and Ville have been accused of selling out with this album because it has a more poppy feel this time, well all I can say is this: There is nothing wrong with listening to different genres of music - you dont have to appreciate them all, but at least be open minded enough to listen with an open mind in the first place.

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