Sunday, September 18, 2011

The New HIM album in 2012 Review

Finally I heard him will launch their new album, according to the Ville Valo Vocal of HIM, is once again signs of life. Manager Seppo Vesterinen Says That the new album is coming next year. New material has already been Trained During the summer.
HIM eventually will solve part of the song and the songs are pretty much the whole. The band now has a few months, trained, and continue until fall. If not, open production systems.
HIM music styles I see no change from time to time, true to the guitar rock. Seppo Vesterinen, the new material does not believe in the case of radical changes in musical style. but this is all not clear when the HIM will launch their album, probably early 2012
The label's bread Will be no obvious alternative.
Now that the record business has changed in the whole of the old-fashioned record deal does not line up properly at the moment, so figuring out the different options for how to put the material out. Alternatives is quite a lot. The traditional record company, the formula may not be exactly what it currently is the only option.The band's own Heartagram is a record label, the which is maintained through the last three album releases Finland. Seppo Vesterinen That also includes a number of alternatives.
HIM's current website has been quiet for a long time, due to the Fact That They are maintained by the band's previous record company. As the co-operation is finished, the pages are little by little hole mass. HIM new site release date has not yet been finalized, the Vesterinen.
One of the loudest 2000s Finnish rock band HIM, and Warner Music, owned by US-Sire Records, the record company parted Airways in March, the record deal Pls Came to an end. Last year a record two years ago, published in the Scream Works: Love in Theory and Practice Chapters 1-13. 

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persibbandung said...

i can't wait anymore.. i hope this year, the new album of HIM can be launching..

Anonymous said...

We are all patiently waiting...this glorious band will bring us new music soon!

Anonymous said...

When will the new album be out? So excited! Cannot wait!

Anonymous said...

I can't take waiting!!!! Give us a release date Ahhhhhhhh ugh!!!! Uh!!! Freaking out here ville dear!?!?!?

Kayla Pearson. @

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