Monday, September 12, 2011

Heartagram Beanie collection for Fans of HIM

As in my previous writings about the "Ville Valo is so cool beanie" here I am trying to refer to you some Heartagram beanie that you can have as a collection, maybe this is different to that used by Ville Valo, but this Heartagram beanie is no less good .. let's see.

Him - Heartagram Beanie
Our Price : $16.95 
In Stock.Ships from and sold by Old Glory.
HIM gives you this great looking Beanie Knit Hat. This Him Hat comes in black and has a beautiful Heartagram image. A great way to look good and stay warm.


BUY Heartagram Beanie Asst. Embroidery Sale 

Heartagram Beanie Asst. Embroidery Sale 
Price : $5.95
In Stock.
Ships from and sold by Specialty Sports.

Take it from us, Heartagram makes quality Beanies.
In some cases, colors of Heartagram Beanies may vary.

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