Monday, August 15, 2011

Ville Valo talking about road rules for Kerrang

"This is very important. The book was written rider rock bands HIM and it was included as a band that always ask for a Bible. What is not completely true - he wanted to Mige, our bass guitarist, wanted to collect as many Bibles in various languages. The best thing we have regularly been asked to be a chess champion at the concert from a local club. So we gave him a ticket and booze, and played chess with him before the concert. We had created room for normal chess. rock'n'roll Total ".
"If you're trying to maintain the quality of performances, you have to eat properly. This lesson I graduated because I have a bet with myself that I find out how long I will be able to function on a diet consisting of beer and pizza Margarita. After a week, I was really poor, but I had a funny little belly, which was solid as a rock. I could use the bathroom and the face I had pimples. I lasted four weeks. You have to try the same thing during the tour as a rock musician to be on the tour, to be honest, quite boring. "
"We used to have different themes during the tour. One of them was the weapon, but I must admit, it was not something to what would have been involved. In the U.S. it is very easy to obtain possession of the AK-47. We have seen surreal day in the desert, the cacti where guys can podgurážení, firing into their own tools. I still have the wall Migého rozostrieľanú bass guitar. It looks really good. "
"During the next tour, we thought to make a killer movie. Have we the scenario. Although I would prefer recorded snuff film (film illustrating the real murder), but it would depend on how well the album is doing and whether we could fast enough find a replacement for members who would have killed ... the guys were pretty, because nobody knew who would be killed. I could be myself. It's good to live on the edge of madness. "
"I used to have quite an athletic figure, when I was younger and it kept me busy. I did 5 sets of 30, then 300 brušákov in sets of 50 This is one way to spend time. I have less time to do it in the U.S. because a place where concerts are so far apart. spent the whole night on the bus, then most of the day as well - a little more during the day, you make a few interviews and then, suddenly, it's time to play chess or shoot. "

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