Thursday, August 25, 2011

Ville valo jacket your pretty face is going to hell

This is a image of Ville Valo Jacket that he wore during the Deep Shadows and Brilliant Highlight days. All the details are there and the jacket is covered with HIM lyrics.
Someone asked me, he's one of fans of HIM, Where can I get a Jacket Like Ville Valo's the one with the saying "Your Pretty Face is Going to Hell"? Hahaha, I laughed a little confused, I replied "I myself have not had it .. what if we find it together, I suggested to him to search the internet, like ebay, amazon, or Ville valo jacket can find this in the forum, anyway ville valo jacket this price is quite expensive at around $ 50 - $ 100 if the postage you are interested ... .. let's search together.

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