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Ville valo interview for Outburn magazine

Outburn magazine : With so melodic and catchy album than your last one, I find making music for the easy or hard work?
Ville valo: Create music is always difficult. Basic ideas arise quite quickly, but you have to work on them is amazing how many different options available - even if it uses only four verses (laughs). In popular music, a lot of the songs is used in many verses, and it is strange to such a tiny detail can completely change the atmosphere of a sudden the song. I would not say that doing this was easier or harder, but the last album we had a lot of great songs with long instrumental parts, and darker, bolder sound, but after coming home and we did not want the same thing again. So this time the main concept was to keep track compact but filled with music information, months and months, we had a 12 hour test, until we redesign the perfect shape. Demos on every song we recorded several times and tried many ways arrangements, so it was interesting and very intensive work, put the album together. Outburn Magazine scan Ville Valo I interviewVyrastal 80th with music years, I was born in 76, so my first album was Animalize from Kiss, another great album for me was Live After Death by Iron Maiden albums plus some solo Ozzy. At the same time the radio ran Duran Duran and Nik Kershaw, all of these things pop, and the extent of these two worlds was a great influence on both Screamworks sounds.
Outburn magazine : Is there anything on the album Screamworks which might surprise fans?Ville valo: We had a great opportunity to make an album that was what the flavor, similar. I can not just all of a sudden change in voice as I sing, Gas again way to play the drums, so the basic ingredients are more or less the same on each album. But what we discovered is that some countries are more highly valued the same album. Dark Light (2005) is best known album in the States, Razorblade Romance (1999) is best known in Europe, Love Metal (2003) in the UK. All these people see a group from another angle, what is good in that the sound is not zaškatuľkovaný HIM. Nor is it an album that would be considered much more better than the rest so that we had to try to overcome it. So despite the fact that this is probably chytľavejší, I still think it's a combination of everything we have done in the past. Maybe a little more than the 80th years. For me, the combination creates an atmosphere of Guns N 'Roses and Depeche Mode, only slightly rawer energetic rock n roll feel with some gay feelings 80th years, things like Frankie Goes To Hollywood, Kraftwerk and Duran Duran, so shamefully synthetic pop stuff. Usually, when there are modern synth harder way, read more industrially or very hard, but we wanted a combination of hard rock and pop synťákového in the center of my melancholy pospevovanie. I think it's a good combination.
Outburn magazine : What was tested? It was laborious and things went fairly easily?Ville valo: It was something in between. In any case I when tested under stress. It does not matter if the date went well or not, just that I always was. We recorded it in Los Angeles to a place called The Lair with Matt Squire. We met with many producers, but for some reason we two were on the same wavelength from the first meeting. Also born in 76, we grew up with similar bands. Like me, is quite passionate about music in the debate. Both are equally hyperactive when we talk about small details that Brian Eno did in The Joshua Tree by U2. Matt and his engineer Travis Huff, who was also a very important person in the study were both specific for the proper control of affairs and compliance deadlines. It really was a great time.
Outburn magazineIt sounds like you predicted?Ville valo: Sounds. It sounds spectacular, but there is ton useless and is probably the least amount of songs we've ever prepared for the album. We wanted to keep the sound as much as possible in traditional rock n roll as possible, took a long time to get into the correct form of expression. Rather, we used only two distorted guitars, as duplicate and overlap them so you have to immediately convert correctly. Are audible, it can not odsrať, or at least not too much (laughs).
Outburn magazine : Based on the study you well or you used to argue for what was recorded?Ville valo : Well, we know so well that they do not get into big disputes. It's all about "I do not like this", someone asks "why?" Then talk about it and will end by understanding one another and find the best way for everyone. These are small things, but it's also why we have a good producer who has a rudimentary sense sometimes judge. There are so many ideas víriacich around and if all of them materialized, would have resulted in actual mix that sounded like shit. Part of that is knowing when to end the song, know when it is finished, Matt was really good at this. Matt and I, we started well, but we disagree on one point when I was really dialed but I said 'I will take a day off, calm your nerves. " And finally, it was fine. Sometimes, things can become very reputable and I depend on them too, but it can also be good, rather than to be on the hook.
Outburn magazine : What topics covered on Screamworks lyrically?Ville valo: As usual - women and men and how hard to coexist. For many people, their world revolves around their relationship. Affect everything - your religion, your political orientation, all around you. For me, it acts as the only topic worth writing. I think that certain topics can do better by other artists. I do not want to compete with Manowar. Most of my favorite songs, whether it Sympton of the Universe by Black Sabbath or Let Me Be Your Teddy Bear by Elvis Presley, has always been about love and relationships. It's a strong theme and it seems that I found myself in a number of bizarre situations, so I always have a number of themes about what to write.
Outburn magazine : At what point did you decide that you stop drinking?Ville valo: It was just after the completion of a zmixovaní Venus Doom, was suddenly free months which seemed like a godsend, because the issue of Venus Doom has been postponed by a month. I knew enough that I realized that I was in appalling condition. In fact, I limit my drinking a little, that I was better, but I'm too Workaholic, so I know it will be impossible for me to just suddenly stop himself with a drink in one months. I know my weakness. I am weak in speaking "no." There are always projects on which I could sing by vocals or something on what I can work with someone. And that always leads to a situation where I go and shit what a sweet and pleasant. I loved it, but after vomiting blood, you begin to feel that this is not necessarily the way you should work (laughs). The doctor also said that, so I look at what my options and I decided to go to Malibu. It was outrageously expensive, but also beautiful, truly consider this to be my first holiday for 10 years. It was the first time I had with him a mobile phone. I had no computer ... I had a guitar, but I had no recording device. It was just me shaking during the first week and a half and then I started to eat well, enjoy the sun and smoking cigarettes as much as you would for making new buddies. In fact it was quite fun. Strange but fun.
Outburn magazine : What is it like to be sober for the first time on tour?Ville valo: It was terrible at first because I was accustomed to the fact that when I felt the butterflies in the stomach before the show, I drank four beers and be fine, more nerves you feel. So, do it sober was initially drásajúce nerves, I did not know what to do with it, but then again, the better I sing. And I was sober, I was able to sleep better, which was good. Before I found myself in so many unbelievable sur-real situations and celebrations over drinking, I loved it, but memories of it will anyway remain throughout life. When will my ideas, maybe I'll be smoking crack, but hopefully it will not so soon.
Outburn magazine : It was a struggle to stay sober?Ville valo: Absolutely. Sometimes I miss those crazy places where you drunk when you finish, because the way the Finns drink, not that you have an occasional beer or two glasses of red wine for dinner. Usually when we go out drinking to intoxication. In the bar we will have eight beers. Want to hang there just for a chat and some gossip. One of the things about pub culture that lacks is the fact that you can fit inside the company, order a Stella, pofajčiť you find some friends. But now, you can not smoke in any business, there smells weird. It stinks there to tear beer and sweat, and it is terrible. And if you do not drink, do not go out as often, and also I do not miss status monkeys. There are very few as my drinks missing.
Outburn magazine : What is these days, your outlook on life? A positive in what is before you?Ville valo: I'm very funny or extremely laconic pessimistic optimist. I think it depends very much on the day. When you turn on and watch TV watching CNN, there are many things that are certainly not in the world in order, but then again a lot of things that I can not complain. I have a roof over their heads and bread on the table, I have a six pack of Coca Cola in the refrigerator, a few cartons of cigarettes, so you really can not complain. The basic nutritional value is very well taken care of, and be a musician is something you can not ever take for granted. So I am very happy in the sense that as things are, but obviously things could go better in the overall scale.
Outburn magazine : Concerned about himself as the number of valid group sells or is it something the did not think so?Ville valo: These days, it is impossible to measure the degree of success by how many albums you sold. It is said that to sell in these times one hundred thousand in the State is equal to one million sold in the 80 years, so in that sense yes, I would be back in 80tich (laughs). It is funny how people expect musicians live a life full of luxury living like the stars have cars, and amazing things. I do not know how we should do, because no one anymore because of illegal downloading not make as much dust selling records. The more you sell, the better, obviously, but it is not good for anyone. I think the last album, U2 was sold during the first week naprd in the States, and this is one of the largest groups in the world which has always sold millions of albums, so these are strange times for the music. But music is not so dear, now you have the option to buy just one song that you like. You do not buy the whole album, as he had before, so I think people should respect the musicians or music that is the signature sound in their lives a little more. 99 cents is not much money per song to be podmazom for some great adventure that you will remember for the rest of life.

Source/zdroj: scanned by elegy_69, Valo Daily

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