Sunday, August 21, 2011

Ville Valo Book Review

Ville Valo book was written in about July 2007, Ville Valo wrote a traveling band of them, namely HIM (His infernal majesty) this book is written by ville Valo himself and several others. book written directly by ville Valo is awaited by fans of HIM, Valo ville therefore so is selling this book at the time. Here I want a little review about a book written by ville Valo.

Ville valo Book Review about HIM (His Infernal Majesty) 
Ville Valo their lead singer, launched a book, HIM is set to become the hottest alternative rock acts of the decade. such as gothic, heavy metal and power pop, I think this is a new genre of music sebuat, which shows as "love metal," which is able to transcend the genre of existing & create appeal for the fans, who have produced the album sales of more than 3 million. In HIM: His Infernal Majesty, Barry Keating tells the story of rising band from Helsinki include group play everything from Chris Isaak to Blue Oyster Cult to rock the global phenomenon. dtemui in an interview, Keating explores the band's unique ethos and influence, and the origin of the metallic sound of love, and the search for the band to bring gothic music to the masses. Featuring eye-catching images of wealth, the book details amazing ways in which HIM singular approach to music has brought to the peak of global fame. 

Price : $11.88
HIM: His Infernal Majesty

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