Saturday, August 20, 2011

Story of HIM live in Birmingham at 2010

Fans were already occupying places in front of venue. At 9am! Crazy? No. Let's call it devotion or loyalty. And well-tested by afternoon's unpleasant rain. But vivid snake of in black dressed bodies remitted that this Finnish band still have a lot of and a lot of faithful followers.
Doors open at six, the tour bus driver informs me that the band won't come before seven. "No sound-check?" "Nope."

Cause I didn't need to be in first row, I decided to wait at a site entrance with few others. As first arrived Linde with his girl, few minutes later tour bus with rest of members. Ville valo, kind as always, stopped to sign someone's something and he looked, despite so many years of popularity, somehow surprised by so much attention. Come on boy, when will you get it? You are loved by so many fans around the world.

The venue seems to be full, even though it is not sold out. The support band Dommin is trying to spark the audience's mood, for me is this formation totally new, but it looks like audience enjoy them. Maybe in the UK they are more known, or maybe it is because so many fans, I spend few words with, are traveling with band from city to city...

Ville Valo reading at gig in Birmingham 2010Lights went down, the piercing screams starts each time something moves in the shadows of a stage, but finally five Finnish heroes are one by one coming on.
Ville in jacket joggling with bottle of water, nonchalant bowed to all sites.
Overwhelmed for a moment, but guitars of first song Like St valentine awake me totally.
First rows playing their favourite game "hit the moving target" need only few second to cover the stage with presents. One of them, a book The melancholy death of oyster boy and other stories by Tim Burton, catches Ville's attention and he quotes few lines with his deep voice.
The setlist continue with songs Right Here In My Arms and Wings Of The Butterfly, perfect for live show. Of course, first single Heartkiller too, but from new album Screamworks only few more songs got their live appearance. Katherine Wheel, Disarm Me, Love the Hardest Way...
I was so dying for Ode to Solitude. But that just did‘t happened. Nevermind.

HIM live at Birmingham March 2010The concert as a whole was great. The mood of band was almost touchable in the best sense of word. Ville, sober, healthy, although still too fragile and thin, was in good mood. And it was visible from song to song. Well known conversation and teasing between Mige and Ville, his babbling to crowd, Linde's face full of concentration and pleasure...

Totally fourteen plus three additional songs, The Sacrement last minute replaced by Soul on fire, another evidence of Ville's attention to the expression of audience. The night rocks. Perfect sound and definitely pleased fans. So delighted, that few dozen of them immediately headed to the site entrance and waiting for guys after the concert. The security must made a corridor and save few from jumping in front of leaving tour bus. And paper-chase begun. Probably this idea would never occurred to me, but several fans stopped cabs and asked drivers to "follow that bus". Guys were staying in a hotel not far away, so this movie-like-haunting was worth a signature or photo for few of them, before tour manager succeed in getting the whole band inside.

I really need to say, it was worth every minute of traveling, every cent (or penny in this case) and it was definitely better as sitting at home and bitching on them for making concerts only in US and UK. Is not in human power to come to each city, so if you have the slightest possibility to be at on HIM live show, easily move your ass. There is a big difference to read about it and be at one

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