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Interview with Ville Valo for january 2009 issue of Bizarre Magazine

Question : How are you doing?
Ville valo: I've made a deal with myself that I’m going to put all my energy into music, instead of getting fucked up. It was a wise decision, because the album's actually really good, which hopefully means that people will legally download it, so I’ll get a shit-ton of money to behave like a rock n' roll bastard in maybe two years time, as opposed to being rock n' roll, making shitty albums and hoping people will buy them.

Question: When we last spoke, you said you'd have sex with a sperm whale. Have you done it yet?
Ville valo: Well, I've only dreamed of it - wet dreams. I can't swim well, so we've got to figure out a way of doing it.

Question: You also told us you might make a set of dildos out of your band's cocks. Rammstein have just done it...
Ville valo: They probably stole the idea from us. I'm sure they used prosthetics in their ''Pussy'' video. I worked in my dad's sex shop and I’ve seen prosthetics - with those fake, monster cocks there's certain coloration and straightness. Usually dicks are wobbly, curved and it depends on the amount you masturbate. Mine's all circular, serpentine - it curls around itself!

Question: We have a Bizarre online sex shop, and you can buy a kit to make a chocolate replica of your own penis.
Ville valo: That's like cannibalism. Remember that guy (Bernd Jurgen Brandes) who wanted to be eaten, so a guy cut his cock off, flambéed it and then they ate it together? I'd rather someone suck my cock than watch them eat a replica of it.

Question: How do you feel about people having sex to your music?
Ville valo: That's fantastic. I'd prefer that to people jerking off to it! I've never found music to be sexually arousing or give any heightened sense to the experience. I like it when the lights are on and you can see and hear everything.

Question: There's a lot of screams on your new album?
Ville: I was laughing about it, because I knew it was going to be called Screamworks and unconsciously I was thinking about it containing a lot of screams. I think it's more about the primal scream of pleasure and agony, so its function is fairly sexual, but with a devilish smirk. It does have black humor and a lot of sex in it.

Question: It definitely sounded as though there were sex noises in there!
Ville valo: Well, Well, Well!

source: elegy_69 at Valo Daily (thanks!)

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