Friday, August 19, 2011

HIM Screen Print Saint Scream

Just information, Saint Scream Print was included to special edition with Screamworks: Love In Theory And Practice, Heartagram version, as it was called.

The first published information was that there will be printed collection of 5000 Scream Prints, each one unique and a bit different. Sold out in approx. a month, all fans impatient to see own ordered one.

The Two Rabbits Studios reached this by mix ink, spray water, create textures etc. True is that they have done great work, each print looks like small art piece, and I'm also a proud owner of one.

The serial number is written by pencil, in bottom-right corner of print, the originality is certified by red 2rabbits stamp.

Unexpectedly in English (EURO) store started to offer Special fan edition of Screamworks, with the same description as was for Heartagram edition (= with numbered Saint Screams Print), but those prints are not numbered. Speculation starts if those are original or only copies of the first 5000. Well, if you have a red 2rabbits stamp on a back site of print – it is original made by studios and I received confirmation that there were 800 non-numbered prints printed out.

And this fact complicated situation for all collectors/fans.
How can you know that some bitchy fool just didn't write the number on cheapest non-numbered print, for example 666?
Just imagine how the price would be at ebay for that one!
How can you be sure that you bought original print from collection 5000 pieces?
The bad news is that there is no way. Any difference, no sign to look at, even the stamp is the same color.
Your only chance is to publish your number at heartagram and see if someone else has it. Or if you are buying one presented as numbered edition, ask for confirmation mail/letter from warned bros, which the actual buyer received by ordering. On the invoice, the article comes with an information if it is heartagram or fan edition.
Unfortunately, this could be the only information that a seller ordered also piece from the first edition, but it doesn't guarantee that one he is selling is that one. And the last thing, you have to simply believe that the seller is not trying not to scam you, and that he/she is a true HIM fan (but we know that people are profit greedy bastards) helping others to get this rare piece of art.

I don't want to blame anyone here. Arguing about motivations for reprinting, profit... Well, it is true that this action almost ruined the idea of uniqueness of collection, some fans may feel duped, but definitely I don't agree with opinion that all HIM care about is profit! Band has nothing to do with it, even two rabbits studios, they just made what they were ask for, their job. Maybe we can blame record company, but honestly, it only shows how the music industry is running, how the world is in these days. And there is nothing we can do about it now.

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