Tuesday, August 9, 2011

HIM concert at Danube Island Festival 2010

On the way from Vienna, under the pressure of emotion, fatigue, sleep deprivation, water and almost no food HIM concert at Danube Island Festival ...
Have lunch at eleven on the first black person interested in the position in the midst of the barriers within two hours, the number of small groups of undergrowth along the length of the first row. Bigotry? Just a quest to defend the best place to stage. Hear Italian, German, but the irony is that almost the entire first row of fans invaded Slovakia. It is seen that HIM in these parts have already played a few years, Slovakia has a number climbed to continuous 5 years. Sun roasted, shade in this area of ​​the ATV / Rock Antenne Bühne there is almost none. Leaning against the barrier, back to the podium bored watching the exploits of a group of Austrian fans of Die 3 Extremen. Tougher fight / attempt to defend positions occurred only in group From dawn to fall when the fans wanted to force the power to get ahead. But the serried "defense" black army very similar defense Paraguayan football team in the match with New Zealand have the chance.

Concert:At 22:30 and a few extra minutes (actually surprisingly only a few minutes) the whole thing broke. Set as a classic throughout Screamworks tour opened  LikeSt Valentine. Around-hour concert, which the festival is not bad, but I think we would all appreciate more. Group Wheatus be compared with the endless setlist HIM. Correction, they actually had no setlist, played by communicating with the crowd what they requested.
Concerning communication with the audience, Ville valo in what should be improved. Last year I felt like during the concert from the audience surrendered. Not that absolutely nothing spoken, his remarks in between songs there were, but was largely turned to the band or the back. Rubbed me the feeling that I was unwelcome guest as she was at a rehearsal in Helsinki and it reinforces Ville pi * ujúci Gasovi and indeed the whole band, it ignored his instructions. In his A few departures from the stage and leaving room for instrumental facilities like the rest of the occupants had already become accustomed, even welcome the opportunity to watch Linde in his guitar mastery.
Ville singing, as was the Rock Am Ring, was drowned out sound like instruments. Only in the final Rebel Yell it was actually hear a song that has become a well-deserved evening peak. Whether the setting of the microphone was intentional, I do not know. Maybe some persistent voice complications? Or just poorly adjusted equipment? Although the techniques are concerned, do not fail as it happened several times during the U.S. tour. Crew pretreatment mastered in surprisingly quick time.

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