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The new drummer of HIM after Patka (Gas Lipstick)

His parents are finnish who were moved to Sweden ahead Gas was birthed. Father worked for Volvo and mother worked in bakeshop. Parents met themselves in Sweden, they weren't couple up before. Gas have got no sisters or brothers.

Gas began to knock a different materials and he heard what kinda noise there is coming when he was only 2 years old. The begin for drumming is that his father played in piano accordion at the club in Sweden and Gas follows him to that club. There he plays drums and he liked to play drums and he often waited that moment when father is becoming again to that club and he can play drums once again...

When other guys wanted to have legos, Gas wants instruments. First instruments he had when he was 3 and those instruments were toydrums, little piano and miniguitar for a present at christmas. When Gas was 4 he liked the music of Irwin (finnish 'propagandasinger'), but KISS was the first big thing for him, he was 6 then. He was friend with Harri Mänty who nowadays plays guitar in Kent and they were in same school when they're kids. Once they checked the records of Harri's bigbrother and found Destroyer by KISS. They think that KISS is very cool and they asked Harri's bigbrother to play Destroyer and they liked a lot what they heard. One day decided to play KISS in the school in playback. Teachers painted their faces, Gas was Gene Simmons and Harri was Paul Stanley. They 'played' with brushes couple of songs and that's how the music takes the mind of little Gas.

He was in finnish school in Eskilstuna, but he also learned to speak swedish because half of his friends speaks it. By the way, in Eskilstuna is lot of finnish people who were moved there from Finland and they're trying to keep their culture in Sweden.

First real band was found when Gas was 8, he played guitar and Harri Mänty played drums. There is guy called Kari who sang in that band. They played coverversions of Eppu Normaali, what is very famous band in Finland. Eppu Normaali is first finnish rockband that sold over 1 million records in Finland.

In early 1980's Gas played guitar in different punkbands in Eskilstuna and first gig was 1981 at 'house built for kids'. Sex Pistols was second big thing after KISS. in 1982 he joined to the band called Hairless Future, there were skinhead as a singer and other guys were punks and older than Gas. Gas went to test where he shows how he plays. He plays with his ears, he found melodies and chords by listening music, he doesn't need notes for it. He learned to play punk by listening records he had and so he planned to go that test for Hairless Future. The rest of the band asked Gas to play song after song and they finally found that this little kid can play anything they asked and Gas was going to be the member of the band. Parents of Gas doesn't accept that little kid wears coat full of rivets and hair tied up with soap. But that's only appearance, Gas was very kind kid.
The family of Gas moved back to Finland when he was 13. First Gas was very disappointed for living in strange country, all of friends were in Eskilstuna, he cried that he wants to come back home for half of a year... In first summer in Finland his father said to him that in Kirkkonummi (west from Helsinki) is camp including music and father asked that 'do you want to go there?'. Gas went there and he was really nervous with the guitar in his hand. He surprisely found couple of punk-oriented guys there and final result of them was band called Valvontakomissio. Gas noticed that in Finland is also cool guys who could be his friends and things goes on again... They made demorecord with Valvontakomissio (committee that controls accomplishing the peace treaty. Committee been formed of winning states.) in that camp and after camp they started to create more songs and made couple of records. Guitar was changed to drums in their first record and Gas also sings in that record.
After Valvontakomissio he was a member of band called Dementia. Band was inspired by Slayer and Exodus, they played some kind of thrash metal. Gas played guitars and sings. There is one record made by Dementia.
Mikael Tanner -guitarist of Kyyria- found Gas with Dementia and he started to talk about his band Kyyria. He asked Gas to play drums in Kyyria. Gas played in 7 bands in those days and Gas starts to explain that 'there is no time...'. Mikael played demo of Kyyria to Gas and there is one song that took the interest of Gas. Gas was started to listen heavy and because Kyyria played heavy, Gas comes in and they started to search for other guys to the band. Kyyria made 3 albums and when they're on the top of their success, they decided to split-up by their musical differences. When Kyyria is over, Kaasu started to tour with Stratovarius as a drumtechnician.

Gas was the friend of HIM-guys and when Pätkä was fired and they can't play without drummer in their gigs, they asked Gas to play temporary in the band. Gas played first gig with HIM in Dortmund in the end of march 1999. That tour contains 11 shows and in the middle of the last one Ville said to audience that 'here is our new drummer Gas and after that day Gas were been the part of HIM...

Sideprojects : Bendover, trio for big men, rule for being a member of this band is minimum of weight (100 kg). Ääritila (extreme condition), contains 2 swedish guys (Jallo in guitars and Jocke in bass) and Lazze in vocals (known as a singer of Riistetyt). Gas plays drums in both of the bands.

Whole name  : Mika Kristian Karppinen
Birthtime and place  : 08.02.1971 Eskilstuna, Sweden
Nicknames  : Kaasu, Gas Lipstick, Miksu, Mike Ceer, Baby Cognac, Buddha Cognac, Peter Hornström.
Tattoos  : Heartagram and chinese mark (drum) on his left calf.
Other instruments  : Singing and guitars in his former bands.
Passions  : Icehockey and player Mario Lemieux #66 in Pittsburgh Penguines, NHL.
Bad habits  : He used snuff since 7-year old.
Occupation  : He read himself to carpenter and he worked that thing until he went to HIM.
Drums  : Tama Starclassic Maple
cymbals  : Paiste
Shure endorsement - earmonitors

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