Tuesday, July 26, 2011

HIM - Zoltan Pluto Biography

Zoltan pluto was with HIM until 2000. At the Tavastia Club on 31.12.2000 he played his last gig together with HIM. They've been discussing this matter since october. At the end it was Zoltan pluto own decision to concentrate on other things. There were no fights and nothing bad when they decided to go different ways.

In Zoltan pluto own words:" I played my last show with HIM at Tavastia. We came to this solution together with the whole band and the final decision was a sum of many different things. During the two years that I spent with HIM, the band grew to be my second family. I want to thank Ville valo, Mige, Linde, Gas, Seppo, Janne, Pasi and Ike with whom we shared so many great adventures. I also want to thank the fans, who made this all so special."

We met him at the HIM gig on 04.04.2002 in Tavastia and at a bar in Helsinki and we can assure that there are really no fights and nothing bad between him and the guys. Since the 18th november Zoltan pluto is back again with another band, which is called „New Dawn Foundation".
Zoltan pluto Biography detail :

Real Name : Juska Salminen
Band name : Zoltan Pluto
Instrument : Keyboards
Birthday : September 26th 1977
Sign : Libra
Pets : 3 water turtles
Favourite film : Reservoir Dogs
Lucky number : 9
Favourite colour : Black
Favourite city : Amsterdam
Favourite dish : Oriental
Favourite drink : Beer
Special interest : Beautiful people
What I don't like : Bad people
Idol : Mike Patton
Best song ever : The Swampies: Carole

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