Monday, July 4, 2011

HIM - Wicked Game lyrics meaning

I like this song, the lyrics are so good, HIM is a really cool band and who cares if they are satanist or whatever they really rock, anyway all i can say is that I love this song.

To me this song is simply about the wickedness of the game of love, because everyone really knows how wicked it really is, and He is saying how he doesn't want to fall in love with them because of of how scary it is to fall in love, Also how you can try to fight it and how when you are in love only one person can save you and you'd do anything for that person and how he is in disbelief because of this love for this person and he just wants to fall in love. at the end of this song there is a double negative, nobody love no one that means that everyone loves everyone or something like that...

HIM are a very great band. This is also one of the best covers I have ever heard. However, I find it really sad that most people only know of this band because some mainstream skater sports their merchandise. Another thing that alot of people don't really know is that HIM are a gothic metal band singing love songs. Therefore the term "Love Metal" is still a logical application to their music, however it definately carries that gothic metal sound and atmosphere.

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