Sunday, July 3, 2011

HIM Lyrics - When Love And Death Embrace meaning

I'm a huge HIM fan, this song has plain lyrics, this Lyrics really speaks for it self. This is one of the sweetest songs by HIM I have ever heard. Ville valo has a gorgeous deep voice, and an amazing range. HIM's slow songs are so wonderful. This song is really soothing and relaxing.

this is one of the best HIM lyrics. Linde's solo at the end sets the whole track on fire. This song could be the essense of all what Ville valo wants to convey in all of his lyrics. it's wonderfull and almost unbelieveble how touching can simple words be with HIM words are more alive. few people think Ville is kinda suicidal when talking about death, but those who have loved...know that death is the other side of the door we call love..they go together.  So whenever Ville talks about Death...he not talking about physical death, that's where many people go wrong with their interpretation to HIM's lyrics. few think Ville valo is satanic, few other think hes religious he neither, he stating bare naked fact, that love and death are not two things if love is to happen death will follow it like a shadow and that what makes the song awesome and alive. its a manifestation of an alive heart, many people must have said ( I love u ) in their lyrics, but none sound like this and the melodies and harsh guitars speak what language couldnt bring out the greatest song of all time...thanks HIM.

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