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Let's us take you on tour to HIM and back Dwell in the past, loo in to a future. see where it all got started and read where it's heading to. know the history. There he was working behind the counter of His father's Sex Shop. it was all right for the time being. but the boy with Angel's face and devilis smile had a dream. disillusioned with the music he heard around HIM, he wanted something more. The music was lacking in soul and imagination. he wanted something that could move you, bring you to the verge of tears, leave a mark on you. And he fulfilled his dream.

Ville hermanni Valo formed HIM In the summer of 1995, gathering around HIM some old friends who shared his vision of a band of rock. Ville himself calls " Love Metal ". depeche Mode meets dimmu borgir in a David lynch Movie...

You're so close! Love Metal is music that includes elements of pop, metal, feelings you have before the firts touch, before the firts kiss. Love metal is like the movie Poster of Gone with the wind.. you know. Clark Gable embracing vivien leigh in the sunset

No wonder than that HIM has chosen to cover Chris Isaak's Wicked Game. The HIM Vision has layers of hard-edged guitars on it but the soul-searching inner qualiyies of that song are left intact.
I could relate to the mood in that song, it contains that same kind of melancholy feeling that you can find in our music. After all, we have much more in common with a guy like Chris Isaak than any testosterone-heavy metal band. I hate yoyful Music! for you is my "Head banging anthem" if you know what i mean? When the love and death embrace on the other hand is my version of all those cheesy 80's pop ballads.

Ville hermani Valo - half hard Rock front man, half suffering poet. on stage with a bottle of red wine in one hand and a cigarette in the other, a jim morrisonesque figure (in Jimbo's slimmer day's that is...) with deeply emotional voice, he instantly demands your attention. His mother's hungarian ancestors are responsile for his dark looks and that drop of dracula's blood that he has in his system. HIM stands for His Infernal Majesty.

It stand for entirely of my reputation of being a truly infernal ladies man, totally hopeless. I get burned time after time again. His infernal Majesty has nothing whatsoever to do with any kind relygious belieft or ideologies -  just as in our context 666 has nothing to do with the number of the beast. when i read about those people that burned historical finnish churches and who names us along with black sabbath and Dimmu Borgir as seing their main source of inspiration, I was deeply offended!

HIM's debut Album is entitled Greatest Lovesong vol.666 and it has track on it called you sweet six six six. For Ville and HIM, 666 is all about contradictions, the Good and the Evil in love. Love that's larger than life and yet very close to death, the never-ending duel between the carnal and the pure, spiritual sides.
666 is something you're possessed with something you just have to get although you know it will destrol you in the end. It's something sweet but it has a bitter aftertaste, like belgian bee or something. ha..ha..

Greatest Lovesong vol 666 contains nine song of which seven are originals written by ville valo. A second cover version is stunning, slowed down reading of blue oyster cult's mid- 70's classic (Don't fear) the reaper.
You could say that Romeo and juliet are the hero an heroine on our music- That's why why we chose to cover (don't fear) the reaper. I heard the original or the firts time on the soundtrack of halloween and it has staed with me ever since

That androgynous figure on the cover of Greatest Lovesongs vol 666, Burning in the fires of hell and staring into nowhere, that is ville valo. A guy who started his musical career learning the bass entirely because of gene Simmon's pytrotechnics and whom performing is a kind of metal masturbation. The sex shop boy who with his band HIM has just delivered one of the most impressive debut albums of the 90's

"what next? you just wait" ville says  with a sly smile. "It could be anything just may have a plan V. you know. I might go full time into the family business".

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