Friday, July 22, 2011

H.I.M first drummer - Juhana Tuomas Rantala (Patka)

Birthed in Tampere, but he did not live at that place quite long. Spent his puerility in Riihimäki and Rovaniemi, the youth gone into Lappeenranta. Pätkä organized the beginning rehearsalroom for HIM, that's placed to Tapanila.

Taking Juska to the band was also the mind of Pätkä. The reasons that Pätkä got out the band was his girlfriend who was pregnant then and Pätkä was really good friend of alcohol too. No one told that Pätkä was fired until he found out somewhere that HIM got a different guy on drums and that made Pätkä very down, only magazine he could read was Futari (finnish soccermagazine) because there wasn't any pictures of Ville valo... He's not bitter of that nowadays...

Pätkä has two children and works in Semifinal-club by buing beer for thirsty buyers. The Favouritedrink 'Saatanan voitto' (the victory of Devil) was the idea of Mige and Pätkä. The edge of the glass sprinkled with lemon and then the glass dropped to sugar, then we fill the glass with Strohl or 'yhden tähden jaloviina'. That's better when strohl is strong, drink could be enjoyed burning or not and that must be through with one accepting. Girls can drink it with straw.

Ville valo, Linde & Mige were looking for a drummer in HIM. Ville & Mige were in Tavastia and on the stage was Slumgudgeon and they commented the style of Pätkä. The vocalist of Jimsonweed (Suho Superstar) recognises both gangs and he applied Pätkä's phonenumber to Ville and HIM was ready. It was really hard for Ville to ring to Pätkä because they got only friends in their bands before. So Ville calls to Pätkä and soon Pätkä went to meet Ville. Ville played their demo and Pätkä decided to join the band.
In the summertime 1995 they recorded demo included Stigmata Diaboli, The Phantom Gate and Wicked Game what was lately their breakthrough-hit.

Whole name  : Juhana Tuomas Rantala
Drummer of HIM  : 1994 - 1999)
Birthdate and place  : 11.02.1974 Tampere, Finland
The origin of his nickname  : He got a friend who has got a name Pekka. Pekka & Pätkä is very famous finnish characters in several comedymovies.
Tattoos  : none
Before HIM  : Slumgudgeon
After HIM  : Mannerheim, Divine Decay, Spiha, Evil Beatles.

HIM's first drummer
he left the band before "Razorblade Romance"

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