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HIM - And Love Said No Biography

And love said No is a The biggest Hits 1997-2004. Release date march 15th, 2004. 1st you pick up a guitar, principally to impress the girls, next thing you know is you're whipped on your way to the exalted heights of big top ( as in it's a long way to the top if you wanna rock'n'roll ). Not you ever expect to reach that place. No, not in your angriest dream...Oh, come on, of course you do!

But it's what befalls during that mythical journey that actually counts. all the highs and lows. detours and strange sensations. Rock'n'roll is not a career plan where you follow a foolproof strategy that will lead you comfortably from point a to point B. it's rather a continuing crative process where one leves and learns amid some considerable madness. a journey so dizzying that it makes sense to stop for a split second every once in a while just to make a long deep breath.

And love said no - catches up with HIM at a point whare they have just found their latest single " The funeral of hearts " reaching a goodly No. 15 in the UK charts. A place where their 2nd album ( out of four altogether ) " Razorblade ramance " has sold over 100.000 copies in the USA purely through the srength of word of mouth - a promising addition to their 2,3 million european album sales. they've come to realize they've created a buzz all of their own, that they really are the most exciting band right now! if anything HIM has proved they are too good a secret to be kept.

"And the love said no" should be seen as a travelogue of the firts part of their mythical journey. A rollercoaster ride that has seen them pack 6000 fans into an amphitheater right in the centre of athens, headlining major festivals in Deutschland, and wooing the good people of Portuguese Republic. recording at the legendary rockfiels studios, birhplace off black sabbath's debut, Queen's "Bohemian Rhapsody" and "Morning glory" By Oasis... shooting videos in london with Kevin Godley ("Pretending"), and in places like los angeles ("Buried Alive by Love"), Prague ("The sacrament") and philadelphia ("solotary Man") with self-appointed number-one-fan and professional jackass Bam margera. Watching "Join Me" change it's status from a mere smash No. 1 Hit in several countries into their firt real anthem.

Back ihe mid-Nineties the band's sole objective was to win the respect of their helsinki City peers, and maybe land a gig or two. Starting off as a 'Black Sabbath Tribute band of sorts' as frontman Ville valo still maintains they did, they pretty soon started to make progress. They got the gigs, recorded a brilliant debut album ("Greatest Love songs, Vol. 666, 1997"), and. lo and behold, the horizon widened! som six years later ther put their career on hold as they waited for their ersthile idol Ozzy Osbourne to recover from his injuries so the could fulfil their dream of supporting HIM on his UK Tour. in the end they had to move on, but rest assured, A hearfelt 'Get well f****n' soon! went out to the dad from his boys.

With a little bit too much free time on their hands HIM returned to the studio in late 2003 and recorded two new songs. one was the title track "And love Said No". a Ville valo original (as are all songs bar two on this compilation). the other one was a version of the 1966 Neil Diamond gem "solitary Man", Which received the 'Love Metal' treatment that some seven years earlier had turned Chris Isaak's country-tinged "wigked game" into a punchy crowd singalong favourite. when you listen to their energetic rendition of "Solitary Man" you can almost see the glee in their eyes as they can't wait to see people mosh to a Neil Diamond tune in their forhcoming US tour!

Love metal finds heartbraking vocal melodies riding on waves of crunching guitars, like ray of light penetrating the darness (No pun intended). there's the solid machismo of the rhythm kept in close check by the yin of tender piano motifs and acoustic guitars. Love Metal can take the form of a clenched firt ("Buried Alive By Love") or  it can choose a far gentler approach ("In joy and Sorrow") but there's always one thing in common: when you boil it down you're left with a song.

"love Metal" was also the title of their 4th album which spring 2003 release HIM celebrated with a get back to their roots. The relationship between the band and their fans is very actual and caring, and that has put them in the position the find themselves in right now. In a way you could compare HIM to an old school lover, taking his time and taking a real interest in his counterpart, leaving all those chest-beating antics to, shall we say, lesser mortals. you can witness something just click, abond being place in the front row. That's an important factor in what makes HIM so exciting: they're a band you can truly fall in love with.

So here we are, 16 hits into a jouney. sweet sixteen songs that most bands would die for to have grade their career retrospective compilations. But this is now, a continuation, not a destination. For HIM now is simply a place where the real adventure takes off.

What happens when love one day says 'yes' I hear you ask. will it heal us or will it kill us? Well, that's something for everybody to find out for themselves Ville valo Included.

HIM are:

Ville Hearmani Valo - Vocals
Gas - Drums
Mige - Bass
Linde _ Guitar
Burton - Keybords

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