Tuesday, June 21, 2011

HIM - The Path Lyrics Meaning

This is like my favourite HIM song at the moment, the lyrics is so cool by Ville Valo ( Vocal of HIM ) . Ville Valo is by far my personal favorite Songwriter, he knows how to put things into perspective in such an artistic way. this is not only a song but something of true art, passion and something almost everybody can relate to at one point in thier life or another  the path, to me, sounds like a song that is about searching in the dark and not knowing what to expect and that life isnt easy there will always be ups and downs but thigns usually work out in the end.

For me it is about an individual search for the place they belong, possibly spiritually, or just finding a path in life for them to follow. It could also be about coming to terms with a break up or the loss of someone close. The writer is resigned to follow the path he sees for himself, recognising that it'll take him through the darkest of places but he carries on because he knows that there will be light at the end of this dark path, 'our night drowns in dawn'.

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