Thursday, June 23, 2011

HIM lyrics - Under The Rose Meaning

This song is great best song off Dark Light to me, good Lyrics by ville valo vocal of HIM. cool guitar solo by linde and I have to say "Under The Rose" is my fav Lyrics on the Dark Light album By HIM.

To me, this song is about giving a relationship one final go. 'Burning in Water and Drowning in Flame' could be interpreted as enduring hardship and internal conflict after the relationship ended. 'I admit my defeat and want back home, in your heart under the rose' is a statement declaring love, once it has been realized that he love is still there. 'Winter in my heart turning to spring' is a revelation and a change, allowing for one's heart to gain the capacity to recognize and acknowledge love.

After I went through a revelation like this myself earlier tonight, I listened to this song non-stop becasue of its meaning to me. No matter how much you may think you do not love someone, be prepared to be proven wrong

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