Thursday, June 16, 2011

HIM lyrics - Sweet Pandomonium meaning

HIM make me believe that there is hope for modern rock music. I love this lyrics,  when i first heard the guitar at the beginning of this song, it was one of those this is the best thing i've ever heard!. it's the most heartfelt guitar-driven ballad ever written and it's song perfectly. Love HIM, love they Lyrics, love Ville valo (vocal of HIM) and they've changed my life.

I think he is trying to say, that true love is hidden away deep into confusion and is very hard to find. Man is so easily deceived by false love, pointless promiscuous sex, and all other pointless forms of love. And in our media dominated world, love is something less important, and not really relevant. However, when you DO find the true love, the world suddenly changes, everything goes from Pandemonium to lucidity (easy to understand). And the world is a better place.

I may be wrong, but this is what this song means to me. 

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