Wednesday, June 15, 2011

HIM lyrics - Stigmata Diaboli meaning

Ok, this Lyrics is great, this is just another wonderful song to add to the collection of all of the great HIM songs, I will not write much about these HIM lyrics. but this is a wonderful song. This is my fav HIM lyrics too.

Maybe the song is simply talking about a relationship where the guy is giving all he can but what he's giving is just not good enough for the girl hence 'i'm killing myself but you want more'. the guy believes that he's the girl's saviour 'i'm your christ and i want you' and that he can help her but she just wants more. and 'this world's not for us and you know it as well as i do' - also maybe saying he wants to help her - he can take her to another world if she's only let him.

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