Tuesday, June 14, 2011

HIM lyrics - Soul On Fire meaning

It is about love, HIM practically writes all love songs,  their symbol the heartagram means love and death. the heartagram basically describes what their songs are about. one of HIM best Lyrics... pretty much addicted to this song.

This lyrics about geting intimate with out being in love with that person. Saying stuff like "leads our souls astray, frozen heart and a soul on fire, falling for disgrace, sacred heart of shame". It just seems to me that his talking about people doing things that they are tempted to but later on regret and feel ashamed. And I think this is a general meaning of this song is the fact that people love to be in love. And the fact that we don't want to end up alone - and that we're willing to be miserable just to guarantee that.

Hence the lines,

We are like the living dead
Sacrificing all we have
For a frozen heart and a soul on fire

(meaning we're willing to give everything just so we don't end up alone even though we aren't in love with this person)

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