Monday, June 13, 2011

HIM lyrics - Song Or Suicide Meaning

Another of my favourite songs and my favourite from the Venus Doom album by HIM. It is a masterpiece lyrics of HIM! For me, the lyrics meaning is very clear sometimes in life you feel so bad that you think you wanna die.

In this case, is about Ville valo ( vocal of HIM ) friend Thurston who commited suicide. Songs are Ville's way of coping with this grief, and suicide was Thurston's way. Basically talking about how he feels the grief at all times but especially when he's alone and 'out of the light'. He recorded this by himself, in his hotel room with just his acoustic guitar. At the beginning of the song he says 'for a friend' real quickly.

This lyrics about how he is coping with the grief. at a wake for a funeral, you are in a dim lit room with the exception of the coffin. you walk up to the coffin to say your goodbyes, and when you step out of the light, you are back in the dim room. thats where the analogy he comes up with is from. other than that, its a song about how he still mourns while he is living.

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