Sunday, June 12, 2011

HIM lyrics - Solitary Man meaning

This is a wonderful cover of the Neil Diamond song, Solitary Man. HIM really does justice to this Lyrics And i like the lyrics, being alone kinda for most my life. i think this song is so beautiful with ville valo singing it. Other than that the song is great, the video is weird and HIM rocks.

HIM did this song really great, they did, But the way it was from before, it was pop. HIM are known for choosing great cover songs , and this one is good too, But the lyrics are somehow so "normal" if you look at the other HIM songs, including their cover songs, Has anyone got any idea of what I'm talking about?

I think HIM did an amazing job on this cover, The guy has had alot of girls who cheated on him or dumped him for other guys (melinda and sue) and until he can find a girl who will love him for life and will be loyal to him hes going to be a solitary man - independant. - that pretty much sums it up I think oh yeah and HIM ROCKS!

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