Monday, June 20, 2011

HIM lyrics - The Heartless Meaning

This is the only HIM lyrics that I really like, and i really enjoy the song. Just the old hard rock sound of HIM, compared to their latest music that is just sorta Soft Rock/Pop. Personally this is one of my favourite HIM lyrics.

This song is about loving someone and knowing their in love with someone who doesn't care. The way I see it is the girl is with a guy that treats her badly, but she convinces herself she is in love with him anyway. Maybe there is a reason she can't leave him, even though she probably should. She has convinced herself that it is love so badly that she can't see how badly she is treated and how far away from love their relationship is and always will be. But Ville valo sees it and he realises what a 'one of a kind' girl she is and she does not deserve to be treated like that. I think he is trying to tell her that she is in a bad relationship and he could treat her much better and show her what real love is.

" The Heartless'" is a Great song, good HIM Lyrics and its a good CD too "Greatest Lovesongs Vol. 666"

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