Sunday, June 19, 2011

HIM lyrics - The forboding sense of impending happine Meaning

This One of the best HIM songs, i think the lyrics it's a uplifting song by HIM, surrealistic in nature, but nevertheless about making small romantic gestures count in a time where most people believe Chivalry is dead. The title pretty much says it all. It's about being closed. afraid to love and trust again. Look at the scars, smother a heart, opening up Like when you're really falling for someone, and it's new, and it feels so good. You just want to hold on to this feeling. But you're afraid it's all a dream, and you'll wake up alone. I really love this song. It's definately one of my favorites from the new album. 

I believe this HIM lyrics is actually "Come Look at the Scars, Smother our hearts, opening up no more" at least that's what Ville valo says it is Great song though. Definitely one of my faves of "Album Screamworks Love in Theory and Practice"

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