Saturday, June 18, 2011

HIM lyrics - The cage meaning

Love this song "The Cage - by HIM" is beautiful lyrics. This is probably the best song on their horrible new album. HIM forever, i want to share about this lyrics for you, if i wrong about this lyrics please understandable.

I think that this song is about someone who is afraid of the world, afraid to get out of (the cage) because maybe this person was hurt in the past. this "cage" consists of this persons fears, insecureties, tears and all this other type of negativity and depression. The cage is a personal sanctuary, somewhere this person has locked themselves to keep them protected from the harsh reality of the world. Someone who is too scared to face the world and open up.

This song means so much to me, for years i was locked in my own little cage, and in a way i still am, but since listening to HIM i've started to open up a little more.

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