Sunday, May 22, 2011

HIM lyrics - Razorblade Kiss meaning

I totally love this HIM lyrics, This lyrics is amazing. I can't listen to it enough. From reading the lyrics, To me, without really reading into it, or figuring out what the writer meant it to be about..I see it as someone who loves another person so much, but it's more like unrequitted love. Since the love isn't returned, the person is in so much pain they just see their love as a sharp razorblade that will slowly eat them away until they share a deep love.

it sounds as Ville valo ( vocal of HIM ) had a relationship, and it was eaither long and painful, as a razerblade would be cutting your skin, or could even be short and pleasureful. Ville really does a great job singing, he gets his emotions out well. Ville Valo's voice is so exquisite. I love his voice and the lyrics. This is a really good love song.

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