Friday, May 20, 2011

HIM lyrics - Please Don't Let It Go meaning

The actual lyrics at the start are "we're drifting apart, but i want you to know, where ever you are i belong" i love this lyrics from HIM! One of the reason's HIM's lyrics are sometimes quite repetative and not always that good is because they are from Finland, and as English isn't their first language there's a bit of a barrier. But what a great song! As I've said on other postings, I'm in a long distance relationship and this is one of those songs, when I hear it I think, wow! Someone really understands my situation!  So, many thanks to VilleValo ( vocal of HIM ) for this track.

This lyrics is pretty much details what it's like to drift apart from someone you've loved for so long and no matter what you do you can't rid yourself of the feeling that it is happening. It doesn't sound like this person is very suprised that it is happening, but allows the girl to know that "wherever you are, i belong". It seems they may have been too caught up in everything to relaise that they were not singing along to loves song. Ville valo sings about the fact that he does not want this other person to let go, and to keep being strong through out everything no matter what.

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