Thursday, May 19, 2011

HIM lyrics - Play Dead meaning

Top 5 best songs HIM. it is a beautiful song ith amazing lyrics and great vocals. it is so beautifully written and a deep song. HIM talks about a person wanting to be back in a relationship that had caused emotional scarring, that the person resorts to hiding their heart, sort of closing their heart so they don't get hurt again. they secretly hope that the person that they were with can see beyond the hiding and return to them before the person's heart fully closes.

I love lyrical cleverness of the first two lines. it connects the albums 'Love Metal' with 'Dark Light'. The moth was mentioned in 'Funeral of hearts' (he was the fire, restless and wild and u were like a moth to that flame) the butterfly was from 'rip the wings of a butterfly'. both animals similar, sacrificed for love. the butterfly signifying maturity and transition while the moth signifies innocence and living in the moment.

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