Wednesday, May 18, 2011

HIM lyrics - Passion's Killing Floor meaning

I'm a long time HIM fan, this lyrics is pretty sweet, love the new sound of the band. Ville valo lyrics just get better and better with every album. Although from what I hear, there's only like 5 seconds of the song played in the Transformers movie. But it's still good to hear them in an American film.

I like this HIM lyrics, i think this lyrics is anything but about pure love for sure, it's about love between two people that's sinful or forbidden and based more upon lust and attraction rather than feelings, reminds me of people cheating. or by listening to the chorus it could be about a person whose warning their lover not to except anything good from them...their relationship together will only bring them danger and no security.

HIM puts their touch on it and suddenly the lyrics seem to come alive and make you understand truly what the songs meaning is. That's why their covers are so good! Ville Valo doesn't create songs to make you jump around to..he makes emotions come through his music.

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