Saturday, May 14, 2011

HIM Love's Requim Lyrics meaning

I think this is a super HIM lyrics, sensual song, this song is truly powerful, and the lyrics are so beautiful, but you really have to be in a certain mood to listen to it. It gets quite repetitive if you aren't really 'feeling' the song at that moment in time. Something you can listen to when ur confused about love. I truely believe that Ville valo lyrics are perpetual. People will wurshup them, and his voice forever.

i don't think this lyrics really needs analyzing, as although it's so beautiful the meaning of the song is pretty straight forward. the confusingness of love. it's such a despairingly hopeful song if you get me. i mean, that deosn't really make sense at all but i guess it does to the song. the song just has such an effect on me emotionally it's so hard to explain. but the lines that have the most effect on me are

"Take me into your arms
And sing me your beautiful song
Hold me until were one
And sing me your beautiful song"

So beautiful. "bows down and worships His Infernal Majesty". you know, i may start a cult where we worship HIM as gods themselves. i mean, so many people do that anyway but we should make it official. lol. anyways, rock on sweethearts

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