Wednesday, May 4, 2011

HIM - In Love And Lonely lyrics meaning

This HIM Lyrics makes me smile, even though I have no one to be in love and lonely with, its so damn sweet. I love what HIM has become, they're amazing, but I miss the way they used to be, so much.

Clearly it means you are lonely because you can't be with this person you love and because you can't be with them breaking it off is the only answer. But really if you love someone so much you would do anything to keep it together.  

Ville Valo ( Vocal of HIM ) saying how he doesn`t want to walk away from her because he knows that then it will be over. maybe he hurt her before to because he says "you know how it feels, you know what it`s like"  i`m not sure, but that`s what i think.

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