Monday, May 2, 2011

HIM - Heaven Tonight lyrics meaning

Its a great HIM lyrics, is a good parallel to love , this lyrics is just the best ever i love it, Emotional. Lonely, empty and love.

I have a bit weird opinion bout this lyrics. I thinked that it would be something like this: The guy is in love with some girl. He really loves the girl. The guy wants to have sex with the girl but the girl doesn't want it. So the girl gets a feeling that the guy doesn't love her because she doesn't want to have sex with him. But the guy says for the girl that even that we wouldn't have sex right now, I still love you 'cause you're the one for me and I love you so. :)

I think that the guy has fought temptation and has finally given in to his love's desires. Also, he thinks that their love is so strong that they will still be together even in and after death.

I do not know, this is only my opinion, how do you think about these HIM lyrics? ..

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