Sunday, May 1, 2011

HIM - Gone With The Sin lyrics meaning

Interview with VILLE VALO by HIM LYRICS

HIM LYRICS : Is "Gone With The Sin" your favourite song?

VILLE VALO : Favourite song is the wrong expression. It's a special song. We haven't composed a ballad like this yet. There aren't these hard guitar riffs, it is really soft. It's interesting to deal with such things, but faster songs suit us better.

HIM LYRICS : Must love songs always be ballads?

VILLE VALO : No, but ballads base on stories. This song deals about a dead love. Thats why we weren't surprised that it became a ballad. Ballads are breakable, like love.

HIM LYRICS : What does "sin" mean in this song?

VILLE VALO : "Sin" symbolizes the irresolution, the bad behaviour towards himself not the sin in the religious sense. I deal with people who dont know what to do with their lives. Who die because of their self-pity and who complain about everything but never have the idea to take charge of their lives themselves. There are too many of them! I'm angry about that!

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ville valo
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Ville Valo I love you so much <3 !

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