Friday, April 29, 2011

HIM - Fortress Of Tears lyrics meaning

I think it's a great HIM lyrics. It shows the diversity of Ville valo (Vocal of HIM) voice, he reaches some high notes here. I like it in the beginning when the whole band falls in with the intro.

This Lyrics means that ur so scared of loseing someone you make sure that nothing not even you can hurt them and you do anything to make them happy but then you protect them so much you make them feel like they cant do anything. Personally, i think of it as a sort of 'justification' for someone hurting the one they love. 'this grace you are drowning in'... like they've become too wrapped up in themselves and he's showing them they're really not as great as they think they are, to avoid them getting hurt worse in the future. like they're hurting them, but for a good cause.

Whatever it means, it's an amazing HIM Lyrics. i know i sound like a broken record, but ville valo voice is so beautiful, and they're all extremely talented.

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