Wednesday, April 27, 2011

HIM - For you lyrics meaning

HIM lyrics are pretty much for face value.They're deep, but not cryptic. this One of the best HIM songs

I think that this beautiful song is about a person who really loves someone, really misses someone and by this feels sad and depressed - at the same time. The reason behind this could be that they're not together or that he is afraid to lose her. Through this song, he expresses how much he enjoys spending time with her, and how much he loves her.

The reason why he feels this way is probably because of a separation, or that he thinks that the end of their relationship is near.

some are saying about these lyrics, he loves someone who doesnt love him or is with someone else and he is trying everything to get with them but they dont really notice him or like him in that way. A reason for this could be in the middle where he shouts '' in 666 ways i love you and my heaven is wherever you are'' as if that is him finally losing the plot and just making it blatantly obvious to the person by shouting it out.

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Anonymous said...

I more or less feel like what he is singing about is a love he loves someone that he almost wishes he didnt. Someone who doesnt appreciate how much he sacrifices for them and even though he knows this love is bad he cant pull himself away. I could be very wrong but ive been there and in my opinion no song fits the situation better.

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