Monday, April 25, 2011

HIM - Face of God lyrics meaning

I so love this song and the lyrics,  and I  think HIM is one of the best bands around, there lyrics is meaningful. The idea is that although often love is viewed as selflessness, in reality it causes one to become more selfish and less spiritual. As though romantic love is a false idol, in a sense. So in this lyrics "I'd kill to share your pain and sell my soul for you just to say" demonstrates how the speaker is willing to do amoral things purely for love, and the idea of selling his soul shows how little spirituality there really is in love. Likewise, "Love's our shadow on the wall with the face of God", I think represents how although the couple believe their love to be equal to a religion or spirituality, in actuality it is merely a shadow. It has the face of God for this reason: they view it as a religion and in doing so actually are neglecting real spirituality and morality.

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