Saturday, April 30, 2011

HIM - Endless Dark Lyrics meaning

1st of all,this is the best HIM lyrics ever. think the lyrics is about the unhappy condition of a genious mind, a mind that can love more than others, but can't find his mach in this world, because noone could get so high to his level of inteligence and perception of life, of feelings.

The author needs to escape this world that caused him so much pain, and the only person who keeps him here is his girl. We find lots of purifying symbols, like the fire, 4 example (a flickering flame, gates of fire )The author lives in the dark, the darkness of his soul, and love is ment to light that dark (a flickering flame so srerne devours the night so we could see the fear we hold on to so strong) Once he falls in love, he can't be saved anymore.

We can see that he's tempted to denie the love, because he thinks that love is pain, is a bittersweet mixture of joy and sorrow,the heartless turned into a pupet of destiniy due to this feeling. This HIM lyrics is a strugle between the rational and the heart.

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