Thursday, April 28, 2011

HIM - Drunk On Shadows Lyrics meaning

This Is My Fav HIM lyrics On The Dark Light Cd And i think it means that she lost what she loves about herself, and shes lying to herself because shes "drunk on shadows". 

Is The best lyrics on the new HIM album but that's not saying much! Crappy riff that's been used before, but overall this tracks is not drowned out by the crap-keys, although they are still a little melodramatic here, but the lyrics are great and the chorus has a great groove.

This lyrics means that there is a girl and she has had a great loss. It might have been something within herself, a loved one, anything and because of this shes "drunk on shadows". Meaning shes lost in the darkness.

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Anonymous said...

I think by "drunk on shadows" he means shes living in the past. Like, shadows representing that which is behind her a past relationship that she's not ready to let go of. And "lost in a lie" meaning the relationship was over but it didnt end. And "killing ourselves a kiss at a time," meaning that they are like stretching it out too far. Trying to avoid the inevitable. But it;s doomed and she needs to let go.

Kat Beck said...

I think it's like she's looking back. She used to be pure. Unbroken. Prefect and happy. Now everything is gone and she's drunk on the shadows of the past. And for every she looks back and relives these memories she's killing herself. Shes blind to everything because it to painful to look forward.

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