Friday, April 22, 2011

HIM - Death's In Love With Us Lyrics meaning

This HIM lyrics to me means a love that is going on even though it is going to be torn away and they know it too, "We're breathing only to fade away, We're running just to get caught". and is it just me or when he sings "woo woo" doesnt it just make you get even more into the song. this another good song from Razorblade Romance by HIM.
This One of my favorite songs of all time. And yeah, I really like it when he sings the "whoa,whoa" thing...
I dont know why, I just do.

There's a part to this lyrics, where Ville valo ( vocal of HIM ) is whispering :)
"and the reaper holds our hearts"
and while he whispers that, he also whispers something else really quietly behind it.
Has anyone else ever noticed that?
Does anyone know what he's saying? because it's always bugged me. lol.

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