Wednesday, April 20, 2011

HIM - Dead Lover's Lane lyrics meaning

This HIM lyrics is absolutely amazing. Ville valo ( vocal of HIM ) is a genius. He has never writtne a bad song in his life. I love the lyrics "Crawl down dead lovers lane".Good song! Ville lyrics are great! and so the song melody

Despair has a face and all these wounds remain unhealed
Blessed to kill and enslaved are all hearts around love�s will
Thrilled to start all over again

Crawl down dead lovers lane
The maze of memories stained
And suck the blood right out of my heart
Scream out loves name in vain
Embrace the pain again
And lose yourself alone in the dark
On dead lovers lane

Fear has a name written on unhallowed ground with dead leaves
Those words never fail to feed the hunger that dreams
Our needs beyond gods grasp"

This HIM lyrics is great! . I personally thing the song has something to do with Vampires. Dead lover's lane and sucking the blood out of his heart. seems like it kind of fits.

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