Thursday, April 14, 2011

HIM - Dark light Lyrics Meaning

I like this lyrics, it's a nice, dark, fairly typical HIM lyrics thanks to Ville Valo's spectacular ability to write a song so wonderfully. I believe each HIM album just keeps getting better and better with each release, and this is no exception.
This is a song about a young girl who is cast from society, and her ability to cope with it. she wants to feel love from something : parents rejecting her for who she is, or society for that matter
she recedes into a "dark light" for it tells her to remain who she is, and washes away her fears of a world so cold to her. and to be strong, for it will make her a better person
But Actually, Ville valo ( Vocal of HIM )said in an interview that this song is about a little girl who has the plague, and as she is in the hospital dying and watching people die from the plague all around her, she must come to copes with life's isolation, an indifferent and illogical universe, and reach some kind of peace with her god.

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