Monday, April 11, 2011

HIM - Close to the flame Lyrics Meaning

This is one of my fav HIM. The lyrics are amazing. Though the song does sound cool, the lyrics are quite simple. ville valo ( vocal of HIM ) is amazing in everyway. i think this lyrics is about how he and this person love each other soo much and they are battling a harsh world together. and there love is like the flame i'm guessing because it won't fade away and leave them lonely.

This lyrics about how you always go into denial into a good relationship. It won't end. And how it's just 'cause you're scared of it ending, being alone, because that is just so horrible! Everyone understands it. This song is too beautiful, sounds to me as if one person is the only thing his lover can hold on to. So calm, so nice. Lovely, Brilliant lyrics awsome beat amazing vocals this song is so great

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