Wednesday, April 6, 2011

HIM - Beyond Redemption lyrics meaning

I think that this is the best lyrics off HIM, also it's the first one i've ever heard after this song I stared to listen to HIM a lot more. This lyrics is about having depression. A lot of people who go through Major Depression find that after awhile they don't want out of it, and feel that it's a big part of who they are. So "with arms wide open [they] keep begging for more," and hate feels as good as love would, while love seems ingenuine. The "beyond redemption" and "no one's gonna catch you when you fall" part is kind of a warning--if you do choose to remain depressed, then you'd better not expect people to try to save you anymore.

It's about a someone who is lost, out of control, just too far gone to help. And has much as you want to help them, they are just keep distroying themselves and you know you should leave them, but for some reason you keep loving them, but you have to let them go.

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